This high-quality calming and soothing product meets the demand for choice ingredients which diminish irritations leaving a real beauty effect in just a few minutes. The sheet mask of 100% biodegradable and very skin-friendly cellulose fleece is soaked with valuable substances and instantly provides for a balanced and calmed skin with less irritations and redness. The combination of micro-algae extract enriched with gold, a special sensitive complex and further substances, which among others instantly generate the visible and noticeable DE-STRESS effect, leaves skin looking calmed and relaxed after just 10-15 minutes.


  • With instant effect
  • In just a few minutes skin gains more balance and calming
  • Diminishes redness and light irritations of skin
  • Instantly soothes and hydrates skin

Active Ingredients:
Extract of micro-algae enriched with gold
SENSITIVE Complex, consisting of: D panthenol and De-Stress extract
Polysaccharide spectrum
Ginkgo extract

To use:
Place the mask on cleansed and dry skin. Let take effect 10-15 minutes and gently work in possible residues. Then use a day or night cream.

Size: 1 piece