The CLEAR+ CLARIFYING SHEET MASK FOR IMPURE SKIN is soaked with a unique ingredient composition which inhibits the development of repeated impurities, effectively counters the problems of impure skin and convinces with its uncomplicated and skin-friendly application mode.


  • Frees clogged pores from residues
  • Has a cleansing, clarifying and anti-bacterial effect
  • Regulates the sebum production
  • Diminishes the appearance of impurities more quickly
  • Counters inflammatory processes
  • Counteracts the spreading of bacteria which lead to impurities
  • Calms skin
  • Supports the natural skin flora and strengthens its protective acid mantle
  • Balances skin’s pH value

Active ingredients:

Salicylic acid
Zink gluconate
Hamamelis distillate

To use:

Cleanse, clarify and, if required, exfoliate skin. Open the sachet, remove the fleece, place mask on skin and remove the protective foil. Let mask take effect for 15 minutes and massage in residues. Preferably, the mask should be applied in the evenings over 5 subsequent days. Use NO concluding care so that the fluid of the mask can develop its full effect overnight

Size: 1 piece